2023 in facts: The Silen journey revealed

‘Twas a whirlwind of growth, R&D, and a stamina showdown — a year that deserves to be summed up in snappy style! Here are Silen’s top 10 highlights of 2023.

1. Market marvels

Silen’s presence expanded to an impressive 60 countries, adding 8 new export markets to our ever-growing global community.

2. Product in volumes 

The number of privacy rooms sold soared to new heights — we estimate the expected growth rate for 2023 to be 65%.

3. Stamina showdown

We conquered a colossal challenge, producing a jaw-dropping order of 1326 office pods for a US tech giant produced in a mere 2.5 months. It was a stamina test that made us ready for more.

4. Innovation odyssey

Our innovation maestros earthed the Silen Space 1.5, that sets the stage for private ergonomic micro-offices. 

The Chatbox range got a revamp in the form of new generation pods. 

With a longstanding commitment to sustainability, this year we transitioned to using only SEAQUAL® YARN fabrics sourced from marine plastic.

5. Golden trophies

We were crowned as the first Estonian company with the prestigious Archiproducts Design Awards for the all-inclusive wheelchair accessible privacy room – Silen Space 4 Hybrid.

The Exporter of the Year 2023 in Estonia award marked our achievements in expansion speed and high quality in mega volumes.

6. Booth brilliance

Silen Space 1 stole the show as our most popular office pod, drawing crowds and turning heads.

7. Furniture frenzy

From furniture sets the Lunar Eclipse reigned supreme, captivating hearts with its comfort-focused low-back sofas and an integrated table featuring an antibacterial table top.

8. Color chronicles

The sum of all colors — white — was the crowd-pleaser. But let’s not forget the close contenders, black and natural oak veneer. 

9. Eco-warrior way 

Sustainability runs in our DNA, and so does our commitment to the circular economy model. We kicked off our office pod rental service in early 2023 and are proud of the overwhelmingly positive reception it received from the get-go!

10. Globe-trotting pods

Silen privacy rooms embarked on a journey to one of the world’s frostiest realms. The land of freshwater ice, the enchanting Inuit culture and the aurora borealis — Greenland.

2023 was a voyage of achievements, milestones, and adventures that defined our incredible year at Silen! 

Heartfelt thanks from Team Silen to our fans, partners, and friends for being integral to our journey now and beyond!

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