Silen Space pods help you solve problems relating to work spaces. Apart from offering quiet rooms to focus in, the Silen Space pods serve as functional elements that you can use for dividing up larger areas as presentation walls or for creating colorful atmospheres if you so want to.
We know that every work space is different. This is why we only share some general layout guidelines that you can use for creating new qualities. Or just for inspiration.

The bare Minimum

In fields where individual work dominates over meetings, have one silent space per 5 people. This means that an open office with 50 people should include at least 10 spaces in silent rooms. You can divide the spaces between differently sized silent room

Silen Space pods are perfect dividers for work and relaxation areas. Place your Silen Space in a visible spot and not into or behind a corner. This way it stays easily accessible and gets more use. Have at least one Silen Space 1 just for telephone and video calls, so that the bigger Silen Space pods can remain free for team work.

TIP: When reorganizing your work space, make sure that you have a power supply in your planned spot for a Silen Space, and tell your distributor whether it’s in the floor or in the ceiling.


For generating Super teams

When your office is the serious playground for constant brainstorming and meetings, and your business also facilitates a lot of phone calls, make sure to have one Silen Space per 2 people. This guarantees that everyone can focus when they need to and that phone calls or meetings will not disturb the work flow of the team members.

For example, Silen Space pods are ideal for dividing larger spaces into customer service areas and for more private creative work. Do not hide your Silen Space in a corner or push it next to a wall. Instead, use the exterior surface of your Silen Space as a functional dividing element or for giving your room a fabulous accent.

TIP: Divide the number of silent areas you need between differently sized Silen Space pods.

A helping hand in A tight spot

When your office square meter situation is really tight, place your Silen Space next to a wall. You can still solve some teamwork problems by adding a quiet room to your office.

And the good new is that when you move to a bigger space, you can easily take your Silen Space with you and even make it bigger if you wish to.


Noise Shelter

Silen Space pods help to focus during necessary discussions in noisy production areas. By installing a Silen Space, you can avoid repeated walks from loud areas to faraway silent spots and back – everything can be sorted in one go!

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