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  • 1Special HEPA air filter

    In Silen Space 99,9% of bacteria is filtered out every minute. Our HEPA filter makes this the safest and most convenient workplace in your office.

  • 2Secure door handles

    Our handles are coated with antibacterial coating.

  • 3Antibacterial exteriors

    The outside walls are covered with a medical grade antibacterial laminate.

  • 4Germ-resistant tabletops

    All the inner surfaces are also covered with antibacterial laminate.

  • 5Safe furniture

    All furniture is available with antibacterial fabrics upon request.

Cleanest air in the office.

In Silen Spaces, 99,9% of bacteria and viruses are filtered out every minute. Since the cubage is small and tightly sealed, the air can entirely run through the filter and be purified in minutes.

Did you know that the air in your office is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside? In total you spend approx. 90% of your time indoors being constantly exposed to this pollution containing volatile organic compounds, e.g., formaldehyde, fine and suspended dust, unpleasant odours as well as viruses and bacteria.

Air purifier makes Silen Space the safest and most convenient workplace in your office.

Fresh thinking needs fresh air! 


Secure door handles.

As the door handles are the biggest germ-carriers, we wanted to find a solution to protect our customers even more. We have done our research and after analysing several scientific articles one can say that touching a door handle has never been safer.

You might have heard about copper-plated door handles and how they are advertised as “antibacterial”. That is correct, copper has antibacterial properties, but the backstory needs some clarification. Scientists have found that when copper comes in contact with human sweat a corrosive layer is formed. Within one hour after human contact the antibacterial properties are inhibited due to corrosion.

Here is our solution:

Silen Space handles are covered with a polymer-based varnish product, which has the ability to release silver ions (Ag+), the true “active principle” of its functionality.

Due to the transparency of the coating, the aesthetic nature of the base finish remains unaffected. With the average thickness of 15-20 nm, it also acts as a protective agent, increasing the anti-touch and anti-scratch properties, in addition to conferring greater resistance to atmospheric agents.

The bactericidal and anti-microbial effect begins immediately until the elimination of over 99% of microbes within 24 hours.

Available in satin anodized and black finishing.

Antibacterial laminate for walls and tabletops.

The outside walls and inner tabletops of a Silen Space are covered with a medical grade antibacterial laminate. It has been tested against various infectious germs and viruses that cause diseases in humans and animals.

The antibacterial effect is accomplished through the use of a non-toxic, inorganic additive containing silver ions (Ag+). Silver ions are well-known in the fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Let’s explain the science behind this. Many viruses are known to spread through droplet transmission, i.e., exposure to virus-containing droplets exhaled by an infectious person. When moisture comes in contact with the laminate, the silver ions are activated and they start reducing the bacteria count and prevent further cell division.

Test results show a reduction of ≥ 99,99% of the microorganisms just after 24 hours of exposure making it the perfect solution for high-traffic hygiene-sensitive areas.

Furthermore, the laminated surface is scratch-, abrasion- and impact-resistant. All of this available in Silen Space standard exterior colours: White, light grey and black.

Bioactive fabrics.

Bacteria prefer porous surfaces like fabrics while viruses prefer hard surfaces. All the microscopic hiding places inside fibres offer a sanctuary for the bacteria to grow and expand their colonies.

As hard surfaces are easier to clean and maintain hygienic, upholstered furniture is somewhat tricky. That’s where the bioactive fabrics come along.

Upon request all of the furniture can be ordered with an antibacterial bioactive fabric made of hi-tech fibres. Fibres are treated with an active substance that gives the fabric its permanent antimicrobial effect that cannot be washed out or affected by frequent wear.

While normal untreated fibres allow the growth of bacteria on the surface, hi-tech fibres prevent bacteria from multiplying and hinder the transfer of bacteria. In addition, these textiles also prevent the microbial formation of odours.

Based on test results the antibacterial activity on a bioactive fabric will be reduced 99,75% after 24 hours of exposure.

Fabrics are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.