Sustainability: the science behind the silence

Silen’s founders and engineers have always kept sustainability at the core of our product design. The whole team is constantly working towards reducing Silen’s carbon footprint and emissions through product development and further utilization of sustainable materials.

How do we do it?

Built to last

The world is filled with products that have a short life span. Don’t be a part of it. Silen’s pods are built to last up to 20 years.


Silen Space meeting pods are designed to be completely upgradeable. Combine two Space 2s, and now you have a Space 4. The pods can be easily disassembled to their initial format.

Easily movable

As Silen Spaces come with casters as a standard, they can be easily moved around. This allows changes in the office layout without the need for an assembly team or the purchase of a new pod.


We provide you the option to choose which technology you want in your pod, and when you want to replace it. As technology becomes inferior over time, we don’t offer units that come with built-in devices.

Environment-friendly packaging

Our packaging does not create extra waste as we kindly ask our distributors to return all packaging. However, if they don’t do it, it’s no burden to the environment as it’s made from plywood, and fully recyclable.

Circular economy supportive

Support the principles of circular economy with Silenbooking – you don’t need to own everything; you can just rent it.


Silen Space pods are modular. The modular structure means that you can change your pod size when the need comes without having to throw away the old product for a newer module. No waste created.


Silen Space pods come on wheels. You can roll them wherever you want and change their location easily within your office space.


You can take your Silen Space pods with you when you change office as they are not permanently built into to the environment. No need to buy anything new.

Read more about our promise to the environment here.

We believe in silence.And in the future.

A healthy, well-functioning product is made of healthy, well-functioning parts. Therefore, all Silen products are safe to use for everyone. How did we achieve this? By only using materials that conform and comply with the strictest regulations available.

Our commitment to a healthy tomorrow is made visible through the certifications and labels awarded to the materials we use.


All our plywood suppliers are required to be certified with the highest standard for responsible forestry.


Wood glue comes with M1 Emission Classification certification


All upholstering foams are certified by CRI Green Label Plus (for very low emissions of VOCs)


All laminate in side modules are certified by Greenguard and PEFC (for sustainable forest management)


Certified by CRI Green Label Plus (for very low emissions of VOCs)


Our acoustic foam carries the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label


All plywood and other composite materials used are CARB 2 compliant


All furniture fabrics used in Silen products carry the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label and are EU Ecolabel certified

All Silen’s pods are
certified CarbonNeutral®

Since May 2022 all Silen’s products are Carbon Neutral certified! Carbon neutrality is achieved by calculating a carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through a combination of in-house efficiency measures, renewable energy, and external emissions reduction projects. Carbon Neutral certification means that a company has followed The Carbon Neutral Protocol to make a clear, credible, transparent claim of their carbon neutral action.

Silen Dynamics

Our response to the world that’s constantly changing

Silen Dynamics is our response to the constantly changing world, where nothing might be the same tomorrow. This concept allows users to exchange the cover skins of their pods at any time. As flexibility, modularity and adaptivity are in our DNA, it is now time to take it to another level.
With Silen Dynamics, the new generation of Silen Spaces is endlessly customizable. Redesigning your office will not require you to purchase a new pod, you can simply order a new cover. This in turn extends the lifetime of products, which in turn contributes to our sustainability goals.