Frequently Asked Questions

Product details

  • Can I order a Silen Space in custom dimensions?

    Yes! Contact your nearest distributor or just write to us: silen@silenspace.com.

  • How much does a Silen Space weigh?

    The weights for different Silen Space  pods are as follows:

    Silen Space 1: 370 kg / 816 lbs

    Silen Space 2: 670 kg / 1477 lbs

    Silen Space 4: 1200 kg / 2646 lbs

    Silen Space Max: 1500 kg / 3307 lbs

  • Is a Silen Space soundproof?

    Yes! Silen Space pods are incredible at silencing the noisy soundscapes of busy offices. All Silen Space pods are perfectly suitable for private conversations and phone calls: they don’t let the noise in and keep your words from reaching others. Recent official tests show that our Silen Space 2 has an incredible 43 dB sound insulation which is the absolute best in the industry! We use unique soundproof construction materials and top-notch solutions to boost your work flow on a daily basis.

  • Can I charge my devices in the Silen Space pods?

    Yes! All Silen Space pods come with electricity sockets for charging different devices, including USB devices when so specified. All connections are integrated into the elements already during production.

  • Do Silen Space pods have enough air?

    You betcha! There is plenty of air for passionate and lengthy conversations, and for working fully focused on your laptop for hours.

  • How loud is the air circulation system?

    Our air circulation system is less noisy than a regular office ventilation.

  • How high is a Silen Space? Will it fit into my office?

    For installation and everyday use of the Silen Space, the height of your area needs to reach at least 235 cm. You can install the product next to another one, into corners or close to a wall. (Check out layout ideas here.) The air outlet holes are located under the floor module, enabling regular ventilation wherever your Silen Space is located.

    The detailed measurements for Silen Space pods can be found on our landing page. You can also download product cards from the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.

  • Can I attach a screen or a television to a Silen Space wall?

    Absolutely. The solid element comes with the necessary conduit for easy wire access.

  • Is the product hypoallergenic?

    Yes, we use hypoallergenic materials.

Order and transportation

  • Does a Silen Space fit into an elevator?

    Check the measurements on the packaging and the width of the elevator doors beforehand. Make sure that the biggest package fits into the elevator without getting damaged.

  • How long does installation take?

    Silen assembly masters will install your Silen Space within 1-6 hours, depending on the model.

  • How long does the delivery take?

    Please contact your local distributor for lead times in your region

  • Can I rent a Silen Space or pay for it by installments?

    Yes, you can, if your distributor offers that option.

  • Where can I try out a Silen Space?

    All our distributors have Silen Space pods available in their studios and shops. Click here to find your nearest distributor.

Finishing options

  • Can I get any furniture that’s especially suited for the Silen Space?

    Yes, you can. Just contact your nearest distributor.

  • Can I order a special finish?

    Of course! Either let your nearest distributor know or just write to us: silen@silenspace.com.

  • Can I have a wooden door on my Silen Space?

    Yes, it is possible as a custom solution. Contact your nearest distributor or write to us: silen@silenspace.com.


  • Do Silen Space pods need sprinklers?

    No. Silen Space pods are considered as movable furniture on wheels, not building structures (ready built rooms) that need to follow sprinkler requirements. Silen products do not contain combustible materials and therefore do not increase the fire load of surroundings.  Neither do Silen products exceed considerably the 1 m  maximum dimension for covered spaces.

    Although when local regulations require sprinklers these can be fitted into our products. We do not provide and install sprinklers, nor take responsibility for installing sprinklers, but instructions for sprinkler installation are available on upon request.

  • What about the fire safety on Silen Space pods?

    There are no flammable materials used in Silen products. The fire safety of used materials is tested and classified by both national and international standards. Mineral wool meet fire class A2-s1. Carpets used in interior meet B1-s1 fire class standards EN 14041: 2004/ac:2006, echo free panels meet EN 14041 standards for fire class B-s1. Sound-control laminated glass is of such quality that they may halt heat and fire.

  • Safety in case of an earthquake?

    Seismic requirements are generally in relation to the products ability to stay upright in case of an earthquake.

    If needed, Silen products can have anchor positions added, typically through the floor element. Instructions are available upon request.

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