Silen Space meeting rooms are comfortable and modular rooms for open areas.

Silen Space pods generally have a larger interior area than other silent rooms on the market. Our users have measured that the noise levels inside our pods are roughly 37 dB lower than outside of them.

The modular concept enables you to change the room size whenever you need, and by adding a Silen Space module you can upgrade any Silen Space to fit 6 people (apart from Silen Space 1). All our Silen Space pods have hidden wheels and adjustable legs which make them quickly movable and easily installable even on uneven surfaces. The modules can be attached and detached swiftly and simply.

The quiet air circulation system guarantees a fresh atmosphere for longer phone calls, conversations and meetings while the presence detector that automatically controls the LED lights helps to keep the energy use to an optimum level.

All electrical connections are integrated into the Silen Space modules during the production. You can have 110-240 V electrical floor sockets (also available with USB outlets) in Spaces 2-6 and 110-240V wall socket with USB in Space 1. The general power supply can be brought to the room either from the top of the ceiling or from under the floor panel.

All floor sockets are waterproof and all Silen Space meeting rooms are equipped with a residual current device that makes them safe to use. The Silen Space follow the Plug and Play principle – all systems are ready for use straight after installation. The installing process is fast: it takes 1-6 hours to install a Silen Space pod, depending on the size.

You can get a Silen Space pod without furniture, with the Silen Standard Furniture set or fitted with the furniture of your choice from a Silen distributor. There are four different Silen Standard Furniture sets for diverse work styles and activities where you can change the number of desks or chairs to match your needs.

Additional Features

  • Exterior panels are made of durable laminated surfaces that come in 3 standard and 29 custom colors.
  • The materials for interior walls and flooring are made from highly durable materials that are hypoallergenic and fireproof. Unlike many pods on the market, Silen Space are usable from day one, emitting no strong chemical smells during the first weeks.
  • The CO2 sensor, inside temperature, presence sensor, light, ventilation, and user data history are all controllable and accessible over WiFi in Silen Space pods 2-6.
  • You can connect the electrical socket either to the bottom or to the top of your Silen Space (depending on the location of the power supply of your office or space).
  • You can choose from right or left handed door handles.
  • You can cover your Silen Space in film in whichever shade, pattern or company branding either before or after the installation. You can also cover all glass surfaces in tinted film to add more privacy to your Silen Space.
  • Silen Space come with a warranty of up to 5 years (click for the Warranty Terms & Conditions).

Choice and measurements

Space 1

For one person

Exterior (cm): D 110  W 110  H 229
Exterior (in): D 43  W 43  H 90
Interior (cm): D 90  W 101  H 205
Interior (in): D 35  W 40  H 81

Weight: 370 kg / 816 lb

Space 2

For up to four people

Exterior (cm): D 240  W 122  H 229
Exterior (in): D 94  W 48  H 90
Interior (cm): D 220  W 116  H 205
Interior (in): D 87  W 46  H 81

Weight: 670 kg / 1477 lb

Space 4

For up to eight people

Exterior (cm): D 240  W 242  H 229
Exterior (in): D 94  W 95  H 90
Interior (cm): D 220  W 236  H 205
Interior (in): D 87 W 93  H 81

Weight: 1200 kg / 2646 lb

Space 6

For up to twelve people

Exterior (cm): D 240  W 362  H 229
Exterior (in): D 94  W 143  H 90
Interior (cm): D 220  W 356  H 205
Interior (cm): D 87  W 140  H 81

Weight: 1730 kg / 3814 lb


NEW! White antibacterial laminate available for exterior and tabletop surfaces. Surface treatment LP (Innovus) and colour RAL 9003.

All exterior panels are made of durable laminated surfaces that come in 4 standard and 31 custom colours. The EchoFree acoustic panels in the interior come in 3 colours (for ceiling, wall and carpet), and the aluminium profiles for doors and glass surfaces are also available in 3 standard shades. However, you can pick a custom shade as well.  You can choose from left or right handed door handles and also cover all glass surfaces in tinted film (in whichever shade or design) to add more privacy to your Silen Space.

For detailed information click on the links next to color examples.

Blanc Artic - ANTIBACTERIALB117 - FAS 0500-N9003 More info
Solid Alpine WhiteW1101 - ST9S 0500-N9003 More info
Light GreyU708 - ST9S 2000-N7047 More info
Black0901-60 - 60S 9000-N9005 More info


CUSTOM EXTERIOR COLORS (for additional price)
Laminate from Innovus (for detailed information click links next to color examples)

MangoL5223 - SMAS 0560-Y10RRAL 080 80 60 More info
Burnt OrangeL1866 - LPS 2070-Y70RRAL2001 More info
JadeL212 - LPS 3020-B50GRAL6034 More info
OrangeL122 - TFS 1070-Y50RRAL2008 More info
AubergineL2444 - LPS 6020-R30BRAL 340 30 20 More info
ChilliL5214 - LPS 1060-G60YRAL8029 More info
Blue TiberL1304 - LPS 6030-R80BRAL5003 More info
Blue NavyL3572 - LPS 4040-R90BRAL5007 More info
QuarzL4060 - LPS 2005-Y40RRAL 075 80 10 More info
CoalL4070 - TFS 7502-YRAL7022 More info
MintL4085 - LPS 2010-G10YRAL6019 More info
BordeauxL4143 - LPS 6030-RRAL3005 More info
CottonL5200 - SMAS 2002-Y50RRAL7044 More info
AzuriteL5230 - LPS 7010-R70BRAL5008 More info
Frozen BlueL5203 - SMAS 2020-R90BRAL 250 70 10 More info
Signal GreenL6183 - TFS 3060-G10YRAL6032 More info
EdenL5231 - LP S 7020-GRAL6005 More info
BambusL5206 - SMAS 4010-G30YRAL 120 60 10 More info
CamouflageL5207 - SMAS 6005-G50YRAL 110 50 10 More info
AquamarineL5208 - LPS 4020-B30GRAL 190 50 15 More info
OpalL5209 - LPS 6020-B30GRAL 220 40 15 More info
Citrus GreenL2446 - LPS 1060-G60YRAL 100 80 60 More info
CappuccinoL5213 - LPS 6005-Y50RRAL7006 More info
MarshmallowL5218 - SMAS 1510-Y90RRAL 040 80 10 More info
Hot PepperL5219 - LPS 1085-Y90RRAL3020 More info
FreshL5210 - SMAS 3020-GRAL 150 60 20 More info
Indian SummerL5224 - SMAS 4030-Y10RRAL1011 More info
BasaltL927 - SMAS 5005-Y50RRAL7048 More info
Blue IrisL1194 - LPS 1020-R90BRAL 240 80 10 More info
Oak veneerRO015 - Planked More info
Dark Oak veneerTH009 - Planked More info


ALUMINIUM PROFILES for doors and glass walls


RAL9003 profiles
Grey anodized door fittings


Grey anodized profiles
Grey anodized door fittings


RAL9005 profiles
Black door fittings


EchoFree acoustic paneling 

Light Grey


Dark Grey





Essence carpet

Light Grey


Dark Grey




Files for Download

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