• 7 ways to boost your productivity

    7 ways to boost your productivity

    Your mailbox is full of unanswered emails. Just thinking of…

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  • Sustainability at Silen

    Sustainability at Silen

    Since the beginning, sustainability has been the core of Silen’s…

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  • All Silen's pods are certified CarbonNeutral®

    All Silen’s pods are certified CarbonNeutral®

    As a manufacturing company, it’s inevitable that some carbon emissions…

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  • Best of NeoCon

    NeoCon 2022 – innovation gets recognized

    For the third time already, Silen’s team flew across the…

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  • MindSpa

    Enterprise Estonia supports the ambitions of Silen’s global invasion in the amount of a 500,000 euros

    Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has decided to support Silen OÜ via…

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  • Will office phone booths solve the open-plan office conundrum?

    Will office phone booths solve the open-plan office conundrum?

    Office phone booths are popping up across the world. Are…

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  • How much will Silen save you?

    Along with the obvious time saving and productivity benefits that…

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  • We’re bringing silence everywhere.

    Silen is participating at both the Dubai World Expo 2020…

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  • World record in sound reduction!

    A well-known phone booth manufacturer recently published a paper with…

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  • Enterprise Estonia and the European Regional Development Fund support Silen

    With the support of Enterprise Estonia and the European Regional…

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  • Concentration: a direct road to increased profits

    We are all born with an ability to focus. But…

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  • build a happy office

    How to build a happy office?

    Imagine the following: you wake up in the morning. You…

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  • UL certified product

    Europe’s only pod producer listed under UL with the entire product range!

    In February 2020 Silen became the first and only phone…

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  • Silen Space pod

    Secret hygiene powers of modern office booths

    Sometimes it is the smallest things that can make our…

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  • office booth

    Productivity – the link between silence and profit

    No one is born productive. As much as we wished…

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  • Silen Space

    Can you have it all – a sleek product that is also sustainable?

    What do you think about when you think about products…

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  • What to consider when planning an office space?

    If you are moving office or refurbishing your premises and…

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  • open plan office

    The red pill, blue pill of the open plan

    In the 2000 sci-fi classic the Matrix there is a…

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  • Privacy pod and phone booth

    Privacy pods vs phone booths – what are the differences?

    Open offices offer unparalleled possibilities for collaboration and team building….

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  • Entfliehen Sie dem Lärm

    Escape from noise

    We all need a quiet place from time to time…

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  • Are workplace distractions bringing your focus down?

    Are workplace distractions bringing your focus down?

    While reading this article you will probably quickly read another…

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  • Closed versus open plan offices – which one would benefit you?

    Are you ready to hang out with your work mates…

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  • 5 life-hacks to create magic in your workspace

    No matter how cliché it may sound, we spend a…

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  • Dubai EXPO 2020

    Silen is going to sell silence at Dubai EXPO 2020

    We are happy to announce that Silen is joining the…

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  • Silen Space Team

    Endrus Arge, CEO and Founder of Silen Space: When the product is of good quality, the selling is not difficult

    Every person working in an open office has probably experienced…

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  • Silen becomes UL certified with support from Enterprise Estonia

    Project period: 07.05.2019 – 30.09.2020 Silen has undergone a rigorous…

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