Silence your space.
Focus on the magical stuff.

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Different needs Different sizes

Space 1


For uninterrupted calls.

Silen’s smallest Space brings the greatest relief. Space 1 puts your work space to most efficient use by creating an island of silence in an open office.




Space 2


For a smooth dialogue.

Space 2 is a stylish interior space element that separates the high focus work area from its more relaxed cousins.

Space 4


More space for ideas.

Space 4 cosily fits four people for an efficient brainstorming session or for a longer meeting that requires everyone to be on the same wavelength.

Space 6


For thinking big.

Space 6 comes with plenty of space for creative teams to embark on wild idea expeditions.



Space 1

Silent room for one person

Exterior (cm): D 110  W 110  H 227
Interior (cm): D 90 W 103  H 205
Integrated table with a 220 V wall socket and an USB outlet
LED lighting
Integrated air circulation
Integrated wheels for easy moving
Weight: 320 kg


Space 2

Modular silent room for two people

Exterior (cm): D 240  W 122  H 227
Interior (cm): D 220  W 116  H 205
LED lighting
Integrated air circulation
220 V floor sockets, also available with USB outlets
Integrated wheels for easy moving
Weight: 650 kg


Space 4

Modular silent room for four people

Exterior (cm): D 240  W 242  H 227
Interior (cm): D 220  W 236  H 205
LED lighting
Integrated air circulation
220 V floor sockets, also available with USB outlets
Integrated wheels for easy moving
Weight: 1100 kg


Space 6

Modular silent room for six people

Exterior (cm): D 240  W 362  H 227
Interior (cm): D 220  W 356  H 205
LED lighting
Integrated air circulation
220 V floor sockets, also available with USB outlets
Integrated wheels for easy moving
Weight: 1550 kg

It's Modular

Silen Space is a living organism just like your company – it grows, shrinks and moves around.

Our unique and hassle free solution is designed to constantly match the changing needs. As a modular system, it’s in help over countless of years and through many office spaces. This means that your Space ends up being more useful than any other solution, both from the people’s and from the environment’s point of view.

What makes a modular Silen Space special? The Space has hidden wheels – all modules can be moved quickly. It also comes with a unique, fast and a simple way of attaching and detaching modules. And you can order accessories straight from our warehouse. You can also add functional furniture items  into your Space.

Silent Sound

Silence is holy.  It is the basic component we need in order to focus. And when we can focus, we can create. Silen Space is your silent team mate who helps you reach your potential.

Silen Spaces are incredible at silencing the noisy soundscape of a busy office. All Spaces are perfectly suitable for private conversations and phone calls: they are quiet and keep your words from reaching others. We use unique soundproof construction materials and top notch solutions to boost your work flow on a daily basis.

Ease of Use

The fully automated air circulation system guarantees sufficient air circulation. In other words, it helps to maintain the creative environment for longer phone calls, conversations and meetings. The air circulation system is fully integrated into your Space’s wall and ceiling modules. The air flow rate is up to 85 l/s.

But how does it work? When a person walks into the Space, the system gets automatically switched on by a presence detector. And when all humans have left, it will automatically shut down after the Space has been fully ventilated.

A custom designed soundproof solution developed and tested by Silen engineers is used in all  air circulation channels instead of regular ventilators. We are seriously proud about this.

Our eye-caressing work lights are based on economic LED technology while the smart automatics and the presence detectors take care of energy efficiency and user friendliness.

The energy efficient LED strips and spot lights guarantee a natural light that is in accordance with the highest standards. The presence detector automatically controls the LED lights and helps to keep your energy use to an optimum level.

All Spaces come with electrical sockets for charging different devices, including USB devices when so specified. All connections are integrated into the elements during production and there is power supply readiness in the ceiling and floor elements of all Spaces.

Space 1 comes with the following sockets:

  • 110-240V (10A) with USB (5A)

Space 2-6 come with the following sockets:

  • Option one:  double 110-240 V (10A )
  • Option two: 110-240 V, (10A) + 2 x USB (5A)

In Spaces 2-6 the sockets are located on the floor for an easy access during all seating arrangements.

Smarter with Smart Solution

Smart Solution enables to use your smart device or computer for checking whether the pod is being used at the moment, booking your time slot, regulating light and ventilation settings, check the current temperature and the CO2 indicator and choosing a name for your pod.

Smart Solution’s calendar application shows you the current status and the bookings for the given day or week. You can also access your pod’s user data history to see how much use your Space has been getting. This helps you to decide where and whether you should reshuffle your pods.

All you need to do is scan the QR code
on your Silen Space to open it.

Please note that Smart Solution is an optional accessory that can only be incorporated to Spaces 2-6 when added to the original order.

Pimp your space with Furniture


Sometimes the best ideas are reached when the meeting is upright and fast. For those occasions we offer Spaces equipped with high stools and standing desks.


Be it 2, 4 or 6 minds – everyone will feel in top shape and the results will be awarded with cheers!

The work space with ergonomic chairs and a desk is also suitable for any longer get-together.

Quiet work

A comfortably efficient work desk and a well-suited chair to support that single focused mind.

This space is created for those moments when you really need to sort out your thoughts in silence and alone.


A breakthrough never visits a tired mind! So let’s talk about the importance of resting.

The lounge furniture is originally meant for relaxing, but we can’t forbid you from silently musing away.

Reflects The mood

Want to stand out or to fit in?

It is up to you whether your Space will be noticed by the crowds or only by the people looking for it. You can  use your Space for adding an accent to your office interior or to make it fit in without any extra attention.

When creating your modular silent island, you can choose from three traditional colours (white, light grey and  black) and from 29 dashingly individual shades for creating different moods.

There are three choices (light grey, dark grey and black) for the interior’s colour scheme which you can either match to the exterior or just to your mood.

Here you can learn about the available shades.

Preview with Silen AR+

Want to really see how to (re)organise your work space quickly and effectively? Use Silen AR+ app to show your team how to transform your work space into a power house of creativity! Try out different colours, sizes and locations for the Spaces and for the functional furniture! And send fabulous photos to your friends to make them run over to your office right now. But don’t forget to ask them to bring some candy first.

Silen AR+ helps you to visualise how a modular silent room Silen Space would look, feel and fit in your space. It works like this: download app from App Store or Google Play, open it, choose a spot in your room where would you like to have the Space and then choose a size for your Space. Et voilà, you can see how it fits in your space!

It’s like magic but with real results.

Full Service


Your chosen Space will be transported to your specified location, no matter how deep or high it may be.

Our word is as strong as the silence of our rooms: you will get your Space by the promised delivery date.


Your new Space will be installed by Silen’s installing teams who guarantees that your first meeting with the Space goes smoothly and comfortably. Our team will also introduce you to the specifics of the  everyday use, relocation and further possible improvements of your Space.


Your Space comes equipped with many smart applications and additional options. In order to get everything out of your Space, your distributor will thoroughly instruct your entire team and leave everyone with clear and simple instructions.


The normal Space maintenance is similar to regular furniture upkeep. But should you need it, your distributor can give you guidelines for more in-depth maintenance. And because your Space is modular, you can also inquire into additional technical applications and further additions.

"At Bolt we sometimes feel the need for new offices spaces over night. Since rerouting ventilation is expensive and time-consuming, we decided to try moveable meeting pods. Silen Spaces stood out with their autonomous ventilation and good sound-proofness. Not to mention their splendid price-quality correlation!"
Riina Einberg - General Manager, Bolt
"Silen Spaces have surpassed all expectations when it comes to working in an open office. The people who were critical of the office solution at first are now embracing it thanks to the pods. Our Spaces are constantly used for phone calls or for discussing work matters with colleagues in a silent space. On top of that, the pods are now much-loved interior elements and space dividers in our office."
Tiina-Kai Vürst - Seesam Insurance

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