The face-off: Chatbox Single vs Duo

Chatbox Single and Duo both emerge victorious in their respective office pod leagues. The question is, which one is right for you? Let’s figure it out!

Phone booth vs meeting pod

While Chatbox Single is your personal sanctuary for phone and video calls, the Chatbox Duo shines as a vibrant hub for private 1-1 meetings. So, the choice comes down to whether you’re flying solo through your workday or with a co-pilot!

Solo work vs collaboration

When Chatbox Single caters to solo warriors, Duo accommodates up to 4 for a cozy meeting session. Figure out what your office needs most – a quick escape to silence or an ultimate collaboration experience.

Big vs small

Unlike outer space, workspaces are not infinite. In small spaces, Chatbox Single shines with simplicity and space-saving magic. Yet, in the big leagues of larger offices, the dynamic Duo offers versatility to tackle a multitude of tasks and players.

Best of both worlds

Ultimately, the ideal solution is combining both of these privacy room types. Just like people, offices need to be dynamic. And, judging by our users’ feedback, the combination of Chatbox Single and Duo creates a perfect synergy in any workspace.

As you cast your final decision, remember that both Chatbox models combine functionality with style through snap-and-style customization with vibrant colors, sublime furnishing options, and a swift 2-week delivery for stock products.


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