Sustainability at Silen

Sustainability at Silen

Since the beginning, sustainability has been the core of Silen’s product development. The world is filled with single-use products and products that have a very short life span. We don’t want to contribute to this dead circle, which is why have always tried to follow the rules of circular economy.  

Circular economy is a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. All these aspects have been kept in mind when designing our office pods. Silen’s products can be repaired and refurbished, which gives an opportunity to reuse and therefore extend their life span. When a Silen product reaches the end of its life, all its components can be recycled.  

The sharing and leasing part of the circular economy model is possible thanks to Silenbooking. It is our platform where you can book a Silen Space to work anywhere (e.g. cafe, mall). All the Spaces come with verifiably secure WiFi, adjustable monitors, frosted privacy screens, and the same top-notch acoustics and ventilation all our products are known for.  

When choosing materials during product development, we have four criteria on our minds. All the materials used in Silen products must be durable, recyclable, safe, and sourced as locally as possible. As Silen’s products are built by using wood-based materials, we make it a point to choose our suppliers wisely. Our wood-based material suppliers must manage resources sustainably, which is confirmed by either FCS or PEFC certification. 

Another thing, that has been kept in mind in product development, is modularity. Silen Space meeting pods are designed to be completely upgradeable, meaning you can connect multiple Spaces together to make an even bigger space and disassembly them back to their initial format whenever needed. Thanks to wheels, however, you can move your Silen pod easily around the office without needing to call an assembly team to take the pod apart.  

Our new concept, Silen Dynamics, was born out of a need to extend the life span of our pods even more. When redesigning an office, you don’t have to purchase a new pod to fit with the interior, but you can simply order a new cover. With endless customization options, everyone can find their favorite and extend the life span of their pod.  

Supporting all of the above-mentioned is the Certificate of Carbon Neutrality which we received in May 2022 for our entire product range.  

Read more from our new report: Silen_Sustainability_2022

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