World record in sound reduction!

A well-known phone booth manufacturer recently published a paper with test results on sound reduction levels of 11 different phone booths. The results were published by a leading phone booth manufacturer whose phone booth came out with best results in the study.

Silen has always relied on honesty, transparency, quality, unique product features and, of course, world-class sound reduction and acoustical performance. Additionally, our strength and know-how come from more than 20 years of experience in the field of acoustic solutions.

Having tested our whole product range regularly and many other different acoustical solutions multiple times, we have great insight to acoustical measurements and realistic results.

This is why we found the results of the study carried out by a Finnish university controversial and the information provided, misleading.

Based on our expertise, we decided to redo the test under completely equal conditions conducted by an accredited company, Akukon. We tested both our Silen Space 1 and the winning phone booth of the university study in a real-life office setting.

As expected, the results were different from the ones published in the earlier study. Silen achieved a world record breaking DS,A= 30,5 dB in the phone booth class while our well-respected competitor resulted in DS,A= 28,3 dB.


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Blog post by

Endrus Arge

CEO and Founder of  Silen



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