Concentration: a direct road to increased profits

We are all born with an ability to focus. But as much as we would like to retain that skill forever, life itself proves to be too loud, colourful and interesting for us to be able to avoid distractions forever.

Being able to concentrate is something we need to fight for, especially in open offices. And the best weapon for winning that fight is not stronger coffee or cooler office perks. It is offering your employees a real chance to focus. Why?


Did you know that….

20% less distraction leads to

40% better focus and attention which leads to

130% increased productivity?


Distracted people mean lost profit

Studies have proven that workplace distractions negatively impact employee performance, productivity and even their potential. On average, we get interrupted in every 11 minutes and as it takes our brains up to 25 minutes (!) to regain our focus, we end up losing a lot of work time just by trying to get back into our work flow. The more disrupted we get, the less time we spend working, meaning that we never really put in a full day’s work as planned.

Luckily, however, everyday distractions do not have to be inevitable. While open plan offices lower employee productivity through various background noises and interactions with other people, the undesired processing of the background noise can be reduced through implementing a few changes in the work environment, like adding private spaces in the form of office pods and phone booths to your office. Immediately, this increases one’s ability to hold attention. A more steadfast attention means we lose less work time, get more things done and reach more deadlines on time.

Concentration shields against distraction

According to Forbes, 1 in 3 workers feel that distractions and noise from open work spaces hinder their productivity, while 1 in 6 say it hinders their creativity as well. The need for private spaces is real and silence in the office should be a human right for a reason.

With 20% less distractions leading to 130% increased productivity, no wonder many open plan offices are turning to phone booths and office pods to increase their employee satisfaction and creativity. When your employees have distraction-proof work conditions, they gain a significantly higher level of productivity which also shows in financial results.

How do office pods help you increase profits?

Apart from being functional and aesthetically pleasing objects, office pods help to increase profits through:


Your ability to focus determines how quickly you become distracted.

It takes our brains up to 25 minutes to get our focus back. That is lost work!

Source: Current Directions in Psychological Science



Distractions make us lose time, so we try to work faster.

The stress and frustration increase our error rate, resulting in lower

quality work and having to re-do our previous efforts.

Source: Michigan State University



Coworker interactions together with background noise of

open offices lower productivity. That is time lost from every day.

Source: Udemy Workplace Distraction Report & Forbes


Employee satisfaction as cornerstone to increased profits

Healthy and supportive work environment renders everyone more productive, more helpful to others and less stressed, making employee satisfaction a direct cornerstone of productivity and a strong link to increased profits.

Your attention span is your closest supporter when it comes to getting things done, so the link between excellence and the ability to focus is now recognized as the common denominator behind the majority of our achievements.

This is where office pods come to play – to help your teams perform at their top level and help your company reach the turnaround goals you have been working for.


Article by

Endrus Arge

CEO and Founder of Silen

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